River Running

River Running 1

The River Running 1 course is designed as the next step from a Beginner Whitewater Course. This course will build on the skills you learned in the beginner course, such as eddy turns, ferrying and river reading and build your confidence in these areas. You will be challenged to try different maneuvers and guided on how to choose and take your own line through rapids.

The River Running 1 course is run on the Mamquam River. We will spend the morning at the paddling site, have lunch at the site and then in the afternoon we’ll do a river run. During the river run you will have the opportunity to scout rapids, lead the group through different rapids and test out the skills we worked on in the morning.

This run also has some spectacular views and wildlife. We have seen black bears, bald eagles, blue herons, seals, salmon and many more animals including squirrels!

We realize that everyone who takes a river running clinic has different reasons for signing up. At the beginning of the day we will ask your reasons and help you set goals for the day, we will then guide you in the direction of meeting that goal.

This course will build your confidence on the water and help you enjoy kayaking even more than you already do!

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